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Traveling Time Savers

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In my career as an MSL, I do my fair share of traveling. When I first started traveling, I ran into all sorts of hiccups that slowed my efficiency and just made for frustrating and long days and nights. Through trial and error though, I learned of ways to tweak things that made life so much smoother and I’d like to share a few of my top traveling life changers with you! Whether you’re a frequent traveler or not, you’ll appreciate less headache if you incorporate even one of these tips. Just to make it fun, I’ll rank them and build suspense to the main thing to take away if nothing else. Let’s go!

#3 – Phone case or card holder with easy access to your government ID

Seems simple, but fumbling through your bag to get your wallet and then pull your ID out and then put it back up and then put the wallet back in your bag. Ain’t nobody got time for that! If you incorporate #2 from this list then this tip really serves a dual purpose. Pictured is the phone case I’m currently carrying although I’ve also opted for a simple adhesive card holder on the back of my previous phone cases as well. If you click on the pic you can check out the phone case. If you click here you can check out some adhesive card holders.

#2 – Know what’s “App” ening:-) when you travel

If you’ve read enough of my posts, you’ll know I’m a sucker for having the apps for everything. Traveling is no different. Now the first thing I will say is please be signed up for all of the loyalty programs that are offered. Click through to checkout Southwest, United, and American Airlines programs and sign up if you haven’t already. That’s a little bonus cookie to go along with this tip. Have the app for whatever airline you’re flying, rental car service you might be using, hotel brand you’re staying at, and even the airports. This will save you a TREMENDOUS amount of time for a few of the following reasons:

  • You can check in for your flight directly from the app and most times it will send you a reminder. When you check in, a mobile boarding pass is usually available through the app and for you to add directly to your Wallet in your iPhone.
  • You’ll get regular updates for your flight including delays and flight changes.
  • Convenience of checking your rental car out and even check it back in from your phone (provided that the rental car company provides that service).
  • You can check into and out of your hotel from your phone and some hotels will even give you a wireless mobile key to your room that can be used through the Bluetooth capabilities of your phone.
  • The ability to send text messages to request various services of the hotel from anywhere (i.e., extra pillows, towels, room service, etc.)
  • You can see what dining options are available and where they are located at whatever airport you are at (that’s what’s most important to me 🙂 ).
  • You’ll be able to locate where the smoking, pet, and nursing areas are at whatever airport you are at.

Please don’t sleep on this tip!

#1 – Sign up for TSA pre-check before you travel again!

TSA pre-check

Yes, $85 sounds a little pricey at first. However this covers 5 years y’all, 5 years!! The first time you miss a flight being stuck in that long security check line and have to pay that $75 standby fee for the next flight….that ONE flight….you’ll think back on what I said. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve saved since enrolling back in 2014. It’s so worth it that I went ahead and paid for it for the Hubs and my mom since they travel fairly frequently. To me, anything more than once a year travel is good enough to justify this expense.

You fill out a form online at that processes a background check, pay the fee, and book an appointment to go in and get fingerprinted. Then, they issue you a Known Traveler Number that you can then forth apply to your reservation when you book flights. You can make that number a part of your loyalty program profile with your airline as well so you don’t have to enter it every time you book a flight. What makes it so worth it?…

  • The line moves super fast and (at most airports) is noticeably shorter.
  • You can keep your shoes on!
  • Minors traveling with you can go through the TSA pre-check line as well!
  • Toiletries can stay in your bag!
  • You can walk through the old school, simple metal detector instead of assuming the capital A position in that big scanner…lol.
  • You can keep lightweight jackets on!

Now the downside is that not all smaller airports will have a TSA pre-check dedicated line. In those cases, you’ll still be in the main line but most conveniences still apply. You’ll usually have to remove your laptop though.

What’s Your Best Traveling Time Saver? I’d love to provide an update that gives even more tips and tricks!

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  1. Pat Wiley

    I must the TSA pre check is most definitely the best time saving service at the airport. Thanks so much Porsche for getting this traveling time saver for me. It is well worth every penny!!!!

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