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Well, like I said on the intro page for this section, this girl is no sports fitness enthusiast. I’ve tried and failed so many times and ways to lose some weight after each baby, but there’s been a consistent suggestion made to me for what would really get me there if I could build the endurance to do it. It was a suggestion that I avoided for so long because I’ve always hated the thought of doing it and figured I never could. Finally I had to take the bull by the horns and start running thangs 🙂

Surely you weren’t that bad before….

Ummm…yes I was. If I were to provide you a little crystal ball or the blurry screen cut to back to the “days of old” when I was in high school, you’d see a fairly active skinny mini. A girl who was captain of cheerleading squad in junior high school and captain of the dance team in high school who purposely avoided EVER making the team run to warm up….yep, I admit it. I can remember my years in those activities where I wasn’t in charge, and the captains would send us running. It would feel like my heart was going to explode in my chest! I was always the last one to return to the starting point…vowing, I would never do anything like this voluntarily. So what brought me on around?

A Running Group??…

Porsche 2013 Half Marathon Running Photo

Several years ago, I joined a running group at the suggestion of a friend of mine. She shared with me how it was all ladies with a common ground of not being “runners” but still wanting to be healthy and fit and in good shape. So, I joined. However, my need to “feel included” amongst the ladies superseded my need to meet my running goals. With me still inevitably pulling up the rear in every run, I chunked the deuces on running. Not before running/walking my first 10K though 🙂 The pic above is my only proof…ha ha!

A Running App…

5K Runner Couch to 5K running app

So I gotta say…ironically this did the trick for me. I let the running group go because I felt lonely running by myself. However, for some reason, doing it by myself ended up being just what I needed. So, then came a little personal research on the best couch to 5K apps. I became determined to build myself up to being able to do a light jog/run consistently without having to stop and walk. Ultimately I landed on 5K Runner. The screen appears as you see here and it was a completely free app at the time. I decided to run 3 days a week with this app and I was amazed at the progress I was making. The progression was slow enough that it wasn’t overwhelming and before you know it, I was runnnning (in my Forrest Gump voice)! Among some of it’s advantages were…

  • I was able to still listen to music simultaneously with the app running.
  • I could either use the GPS function with it when I’d run outdoors turn that off and simply go by the time intervals when I was running on the treadmill indoors.
  • The “voice behind the curtain” in the app was very motivating and the app would chime when it was time to switch to either walking or running.
  • Did I mention it was $0.00??

The Ultimate Challenge!

For me, the ultimate challenge was doing a half marathon. Because that was the goal of everyone in the running group that I thought was my goal at the time. It had always been a sort of bucket list item. I’m no marathon junkie at all, but it was important to me to sort of “finish what I started” eventually. Now the Hubs has always been a natural at running. He’ll take off out of our driveway and clear 5 miles in a flash without batting an eyelash. I, on the other hand, would have to be picked up somewhere after mile 3…especially in the heat of the summer. So, I enlisted his presence with me as I attempted to accomplish the goal. We foolishly did this with NO training!

He took it like a “G”. I, on the other hand, had EMT’s asking him around Mile 9 if I was going to be ok or if I’d need some assistance…ha ha. I am not joking it really happened. We were given 4 hours to finish the 13.1 miles and we came in just under that and got our medals. Good enough for me! I’ll have to do a post and take you through the craziness of that morning separately. It’ll be good comic relief for you 🙂 For now though, I’ll let you think I’m super awesome while you look at the pics 🙂


Low-priced Treadmill

These days, I’m not hitting the pavement hardly anymore. Life gets busy and I just can’t justify braving the dogs in my neighborhood and not running comfortably or driving an extra 10 minutes one way to one of my favorite outdoor spots to run. So, the treadmill is my little friend. I’m a no-frills girl when it comes to the one I chose too. Just a little cheap one like the one you’ll find here.

So there you go…you’ve found out my little secret to losing weight and maintaining it. If a non-runner like me can do this, I bet you you can! 🙂

Runnin’ Thangs- Pin Image

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  1. Kia

    Love it!!! I too dread running!! But… it does the trick!! Thanks for sharing your story! Can’t wait to read more!

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