Best Overnight Family Getaway Ever at Great Wolf Lodge

Best Overnight Getaway- All Over the Place Mom

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Back in 2013, we started our yearly adventure of taking a family summer vacay each summer. Well, that sailed along nice and smoothly until 2017 when we officially became a Two Kids Under Two family with the addition of Baby Collin. That year, we opted to modify summer family vacay to an overnight road trip and invite our favorite twins along 🙂 The usual GNI’s Brook and I usually have turned into one big Girls Night In (with one special male chaperone of course). Leaving the baby boys behind, we headed to Dallas and ended up having the best overnight family getaway ever! The destination responsible for that…

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine- All Over the Place Mom

Great Wolf Lodge is just the best thing since sliced bread if your kiddos are 5 years of age or older. I think the girls were around 8 years old then, so it was the perfect trip! We didn’t even scratch the surface of all this place had to offer for the kids, but I’ll try to give you a recap as best I can…

Kid Cabin Suite for the Win!

Yes! There was a whole entire cabin INSIDE the dang hotel room! I had to see it to believe it! It was perfect though. The Kid Cabin Suite had a full size bed and sofa couch, but it also had a little mini cabin inside the room too that housed a set of bunk beds and a twin bed….WITH its own TV in that cabin too! Whoever designed that concept needs a Nobel Peace Prize! Needless to say, we were all pleased 🙂 There was also a fridge and a microwave in the room. Unfortunately, there was only one bathroom.

Also even though we didn’t take advantage of the little mini spa they had for the kiddos (yes….their own little spa inside the hotel); there were a few sample sizes of the body wash, lotion, and shampoo from the spa in the bathroom. They were bubble gum-scented and smelled soooo good! I think I enjoyed them more than the girls did…lol.

The Waterpark was Included with the Stay!

…and as if that weren’t enough, there was an awesome INDOOR water park! That means, year round rain or shine. That means this didn’t have to necessarily be a summer vacay. Incredible!! Now I didn’t get any pics of us in the waterpark because we were too busy enjoying it. Nevertheless, you can get the picture looking at some of these pics from Great Wolf’s website…

Themed Activity Passes Packed Our Agenda!

Great Wolf Lodge Pup Pass Grapevine- All Over the Place Mom

The best bang for your buck is to choose one of the Combo Passes. We ended up going with the Pup Pass. It lets you combine several of the activity options you’d otherwise pay for individually into a package so your kid has the best time ever and you save a little money. In Dallas (Grapevine), the Pup Pass gets you:

  • One Build-A-Bear Workshop animal (outfit not included)
  • One Paw Points game card for Northern Lights Arcade (20 credits)
  • One Glitz Glitter Tattoo
  • One Color-Your-Own Item at Cub Club (t-shirt or pillow case)
  • One 12 oz. candy cup

Not bad, huh? Plus they got those ears and and lanyards to wear to identify which package they had the privelage of having their oh-so-cool adult accompanies purchase for them 🙂

Here’s a few pics of them living it up via their Pup Passes 🙂

“Late Night” Dance Party!!

Yep…they had an all-out dance party in the lobby. Lights low colorful lights going. The girls and I went downstairs to grab a snack so we thought and ended up kicking it hard!! I had to call Kelvin to come down and join us. I managed to catch a little video…

Dancin’ the Night Away!!

Overnight family getaway checklist:

  • Weather-proof
  • Activity packed
  • All-inclusive
  • Plenty of room for everyone
  • Fun for all ages

What more could you ask for in an overnight family getaway? Check out Great Wolf Lodge’s site now!

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