Our Favorite Mommy-Daughter Traditions!

Mommy-Daughter Traditions- All Over the Place Mom

Ahhh… mommy-daughter traditions. Brooklyn Rose, my first born and my only girl 🙂 I’ve always said even though Brook doesn’t necessarily favor me the most physically between me and her Daddy, she certainly does favor me in every other way.

My super responsible, way too cautious first child reminds me of myself in so many ways! One major way is that she’s not a tomboy in any stretch of the word…she’s all girl! She’s also a creature of habit and finds comfort in knowing there’ll be familiar things to do and something specific she can count on every week to happen to look forward to. That’s where our favorite mommy-daughter traditions come in…. Girls Night Out and Girls Night In!

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After almost 6 years of being the center of attention, Brook had to adjust to not only 1 but 2 little brothers coming in and stealing some of her coveted Mommy time. So, being consistent with these 2 traditions gives us both our fix of “girls only” time 🙂

Girls Night Out Are Our Most Fun Mommy-Daughter Traditions

Girls Night Out- All Over the Place Mom

Girls Night Out started as me taking Brook out to dinner each week just the two of us after dance class when she was just 3 years old. Back then, Kelvin would work until 7pm and then have his weekly Guys Night so it all worked out perfectly. Nowadays, it’s a little trickier to do this since her dance class is super late and I have other kiddos to attend to. So instead, I usually get her asap on Thursdays when school lets out and we sneak our Girls Night Out dinner in before we pick the boys up from daycare and preschool 🙂

Girls Night Out- All Over the Place Mom

When Girls Night Out first started, I’d let her pick anywhere she wanted to go every week! Being the typical 3 year old, I found myself in McDonald’s every week for almost 2 years straight. I loathed McDonald’s back then, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m not still a little burnt out on it now…ha ha. They knew us and knew Brooklyn’s order like clockwork: cheeseburger Happy Meal, ketchup only, Hi-C Orange (still a little sad this one’s gone), and a plain sundae with no sauce.

Over the years though, Brook’s palate has refined much much more and now I’m being asked to shell out some major bucks. Nowadays, I get frequent requests for Texas Roadhouse, Benihana, and Bonefish Grill. My wallet wishes for those McDonald’s days sometimes. Nevertheless, I still consider it priceless time with my girl and I’m pretty sure she’ll look back on GNO with fond memories well into her adult years. My hope is that we’re still doing GNO even then 🙂

Girls Night In Is A Winner Too!

Girls Night In (GNI) on Fridays is our other favorite of our Mommy-Daughter traditions. It started back when Brooklyn was even younger than she was for Girls Night Out. It’s the one night a week where Brooklyn gets to sleep in the bed with me and Kelvin. However Kelvin is a super duper night owl on Friday’s so by the time he gets in bed, Brook and I are already asleep.

Girls Night In- All Over the Place Mom

I’m not gonna lie, GNI was probably more for my benefit than it was for Brook when it first started. Brooklyn has always woke up with the rising of the sun as far back as I can remember. However when she’s in the bed with us, she’ll go back to sleep as long as she sees us asleep. Having her in the bed with me also kept me from having to listen out for her on the baby monitor. That meant I got a much better quality of sleep that night as well….he he he. Slick, right?

Girls Night In - All Over the Place Mom

Nevertheless, GNI serves it’s own bonding purposes too. We’ll usually watch a movie of her choosing or one of her favorite tv shows. I get a chance to see what things interest her. Especially the nights, now, where she chooses to show me videos of some of the kids’ channels she likes to watch on YouTube. She loves Grace’s World and Brooklyn & Bailey. Some nights are a total wash for me. I find myself seeing the opening credits of a show or a movie and next thing I know I’m waking up to the closing credits…ha ha. It’s still important to her though because no matter what we’re doing (even when she’s sleeping) she’s touching me in some subtle way. I think to her it’s her way to still snuggle 🙂

So, there you have it. Our two all-time favorite Mommy-Daughter traditions! Do you have any traditions with any of your kiddos? Did either of your parents have any traditions they did with you that you still remember and cherish dearly?

Favorite Mommy-Daughter Traditions All Over the Place Mom

Leave a comment…I’d love to hear them and maybe even steal shamelessly 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Mommy-Daughter Traditions!

  1. Angela

    This is so beautiful! I don’t know how I missed this one, but God definitely knew I needed this one today. Saturday mornings were exclusive to me and momma…before the many rehearsals, hair appointments, and anything else we had to do, momma ALWAYS gave me early Saturday mornings. It would always be breakfast at some restaurant or we would cook breakfast together. It still means the world to me and I now do it with my girls. Thank you so much for this, you are amazing!

    1. P. Lo

      Aww..thanks for sharing this with me Angie! It really is special, the time spent with our mothers and now with our daughters. Your girls will be telling these same stories 🙂

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