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I’ve bounced around from hairstyle to hairstyle over the years and have been pretty conservative with my choices, but ultimately I found myself deciding to loc.

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Let’s see… I’ve had relaxers, worn loose natural, rocked wigs, made wigs. I’ve had sew-ins. Loved cornrows, micro braids, twists, you name it. No matter how low key I thought I was with any of it though, it still required effort. Effort, that after finding out I was pregnant with surprise baby #3, this girl just did not have in her anymore. I’d been seeing more and more pics on various social media outlets and Pinterest with folks with dreadlocks and decided to do a little research and I found that ultimately led to my decision…

Locs can be just as versatile to style as loose hair…

Loc versatility

Yes…they really can! Once you’ve got even a little length to them, there’s a multitude of different styles that can be worn. They can be worn straight, wavy, or curly. They can be put into a classic, nice neat bun or a funky spiky ponytail. See a few of my favorite little styles above that really don’t take much time.

The “Ugly Phase” doesn’t have to be “out loud”…

Now I know some of my fellow loc’d loves will find the whole term “ugly phase” offensive but I don’t mean it to be negative towards everyone. I think it’s a personal description. For me, I definitely went through a period where my length seemed to leave me with a look that I didn’t necessarily care for. So, I took to YouTube to get some ideas as to how to get through that. My go-to’s ended up being putting twists over my locs and sporting head wraps. I loved doing these two options. If I ever had worry about how the locs would look if I was trying to “spruce up” or was going for a certain look, I would go with one of these two options. Check out the videos I watched for tutorials to do the twists and the head wraps

There’s an entire community of folks for support…

Loc communities and leaders to follow

As with anything that’s new to you, there was quite the learning curve. Once I started getting out there and researching how to start locs, the various methods of setting the locs, how to maintain them, how to style them and even having pride about them; it was like I was exposed to a whole new world I never knew existed.

I follow a few different loc hashtags on Instagram like #locs , #loclife , #womenwithlocs . I also follow beckywiththelocdhair and missrii. However, I’d say YouTube was where I definitely learn and still learn the most. Searching one question on there seems to lead to a multitude of videos with all other kinds of interesting and helpful info. The very first person whose channel I seemed to binge watch to catch up was PrettiPoison on YouTube. I’m intrigued by seeing posts from someone who has really long locs now but video content that goes all the way back to when their hair was my length when I started. From there it was Jungle Barbie and then on to Keisha Charmaine.

The tips and styles on both platforms are endless. Most of all what spoke to me was the inspiration that if I just lived life and concentrated on that more than my hair, it would all just come….and it has. I think this aided in me deciding to loc more than anything.

I’m so satisfied with my decision 🙂

Any other readers loc’d up with me? Share what motivated you in deciding to loc?

Reasons to Loc- Pin Image

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