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Weight Watching

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Get where I’m going with this? Clever, huh? My personal friends that know me know that my key to losing weight and maintaining it has been, you guessed it, Weight Watchers.

WW Reimagined (R)

You know, it’s funny. I can remember hearing about Weight Watchers as a kid and thinking it was all these people sitting around a room in a support group type setting commiserating over how they want to lose weight and can’t. I pictured them starving themselves trying to survive off of shakes and one meal a day pretty much. Same for Slim Quick. However as an adult, I’ve really grown an appreciation for what Weight Watchers is today which is totally different than what I’d thought. So now, I’m weight watching what I eat 🙂 Here’s the basics of how it works:

  • Purchase the program
  • Build your profile with your current weight and your goal weight
  • You’ll be given a daily points bank that you can eat from (points are assigned to any food you eat/enter into your food diary)
  • You’ll also be given an extra bank of points to be used over the week for those days where you decide to give yourself a little freedom 🙂

The points take into account nutritional value and higher point values usually align to higher sugar, fat, or carb content or a combination of any of the three. So the goal is to go for foods that are low in those 3 categories. You’ll get crafty at finding substitutions for things you love by looking for the fat free version or the sugar free version. This is one of the perks that really helps to translate it into a lifestyle change more so than a “diet”.

So what are some of the other perks of this system? Well for me I’d have to say the following:

App Incorporation…

Weight Watchers App in App Store

This is key for me. I’m a big app user. Whenever I decide to do something, I’m always checking the App Store on my phone to see if there is an app for it. The key to Weight Watchers is logging your food intake (and being open and honest with it) throughout the day. Each time I log something into it, it’s letting me know how many points I’m using and how many points I have remaining. This keeps me mindful. The fact that this can be done on the fly anywhere anytime is gonna be key for this busy lady!

Check and See…

Weight Watchers App Home Screen

You can check points values for what you’ve eaten or even what you’re thinking about eating. You can also add things and delete them. That means that I can check and see how many points something is before committing and I can also meal plan and adjust as “things happen” over the course of the day. I’ve also found myself doing this a lot when I know I have a certain event coming up and I know it’s going to be a particular bad day. I’ll go ahead and account for that ahead of time.

Restaurant items galore!!

Now this is where it’s at. Sad to say, I eat out way more than I should (probably). There are several chain restaurants whose menu items are already built into the system. That way you can plan what you will eat before you even get there. You can even filter it by restaurant or point value. So if you know you only want to consume 5 points for lunch at McDonald’s, you can see what your options are for that value.

Buying my points with my steps…

Activity points in weight watchers

Has been huge for me! My fitness tracking weapon of choice is an Apple Watch. In the settings of my app, I have my activity that feeds into the Health app on my phone from my watch automatically synced into the Weight Watchers app. Confused yet? Don’t be. I said all that to say, I get “fit points” for any workouts I’m doing AND all the steps my watch is recording all day. I’m given the option to use those fit points as extra points to eat or not. Depending on my goals at the moment, I do it sometimes and sometimes I don’t. Most times I do 🙂 Combine this notion with when I’m good enough to incorporate my go-to running, and I’m doin’ it!

Eating What I Love!

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers semi-consistently since 2018, and I can’t say that I’ve denied myself anything that I love. I’m a sugar-holic! Now although there are some checks and balances that have to be in place, I’m still a sugar-holic. I still eat my Krispy Kreme donuts. Yep, I still eat cinnamon candies. I still steal some of my kids fruit snacks (no judgement!). The keys, though, have been moderation and mindfulness. Not only with the individual items, but with the total intake for the day. If I have some donuts in the morning, I might not get to have some cake that night. I also have to be sure to think ahead for birthday parties (because I’m ALWAYS gonna eat the cake) and other special events. I think this alone is what makes people stick with this program. Denying yourself completely doesn’t stick. Not for me, anyway.

Any of my readers Weight Watchees too? Share with me what’s worked well for you and I’ll feature it in an update!

Not hopped on the bandwagon yet? Well, I’d say go check it out through the button below. See what you think. If you’re going for the anti-social route like I took, you’ll need to select the digital option on the top menu. It’s also the cheapest option of the three. However for more support you can explore the other two options.

Weight Watching What I Eat- Pin Image

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