Simple Style

Simple Style

You know, this section is called Simple Style but really I like to think of my style as a complicated melody (thanks for that term India.Arie).  I’m definitely a play-it-safer, but I will come out with a surprise here and there. Usually though, I’m all about simple hair and clothes. All in all if I’m not nicely professionally dressed for work, I’m super comfy.  As my good friend from college would tell you, my motto has always been comfort over cute 🙂

Simple ways I Wear My Hair…

It’s no different when it comes to the hair although I will say before landing on dreadlocks (which you’ll see a good amount of time devoted to here), I dipped my toe in a few pools with trying other hair options too. To me, it’s still all contributed to my simple style. No crazy colors or drastic haircuts. See what’s going on in Loc Land for me, but also explore my former hair life 🙂

Simple Style with What I Wear…

My clothes are probably the simplest part of my life…sometimes 🙂 If I had to categorize “my style”, I’d say I’m comfy contemporary. I will rock a few trends but for the most part, I’m keeping it safe in the pocket (no pun intended). In this section, you’ll see what I mean by that. If you’re comfy contemporary too, you’ll identify with my choices. If you’re not and sometimes you want to be, take a look!

Are you pretty simple too when it comes to your look? Go ahead, dive in!