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I have so many girlfriends who love to shop at Target.  Seems like it’s pretty much the store of choice on every mom’s post I see on social media and on many of the blogs I read. I’m not gonna lie, there’s something about being in Target that just feels very lighthearted and relaxing.  It’s almost like you go there to relax. I know it’s weird, but to me, Target even has it’s own smell that just makes you feel good as soon as you walk in there…lol!    

HOWEVER, to just walk in there and buy items I can get in other stores for a cheaper price just doesn’t sit well with this little Cheap Skate.  During my heavy couponing days though, I’d find lots of good deals written for Target and discovered that I, too, can shop at Target and not break the bank. Sometimes, I can even spend less money at Target than other places!!  So for those of you who’ve avoided Target like I did or treat it like it’s a luxury splurge, let’s explore a few of my favorite ways I save money at Target…

1. Red Card

Save Money at Target with Red Card Link- All Over the Place Mom

If you use a debit card to complete your purchase at Target and don’t have a Target Red Card debit card, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!!   Although there is a Red Card that is a credit card, they also have a debit card option that is linked to your bank’s debit card.  You still have to fill out a credit app, but it can be done right there in the store or online at your own convenience and be ready to use immediately!  I know, you’re asking, why would I want to do that?  Well…

  • You get a 5% discount on your purchase when you checkout using the Red Card. It’s taken right off at the register or when you checkout online.
  • Sometimes, they run a promotion where they bump it up to a 10% discount!
  • Sometimes, they run a promotion for a discount on specific items that you only get when you use the Red Card.
  • Most anything you purchase (when you checkout with the card) will get that discount…including GIFT CARDS!! Now that doesn’t include Target gift cards, but that does include all of the other retailer gift cards they sell.  If you’re a big gift card shopper during the holidays like I am, this will be a significant savings!
  • Plus if ordering online and you pay with the Red Card, shipping is free y’all! That’s right…..fuuhhrrreee!

Now if I haven’t convinced you with all that…then I just give up!

2. Cartwheel (now called Circle) and the Target app

Save money at Target with cartwheel (Now Circle)

Cartwheel used to have it’s own app, but now Target has incorporated it into the Target app….which by the way, you should be sure to download!  But first, what is Cartwheel?

Sometimes, Target offers an additional discount they call a “Cartwheel” (now called Circle) offer on specific items. Using the scanner option on the app, you can scan each item you’re about to put into your cart and see if there is a Cartwheel offer on it.  If there is, simply add the Cartwheel offer to your Wallet in the app and be sure to have the cashier scan your Wallet in the app prior to completing your purchase.

Which reminds me, you can load all your card payment options into your Wallet in the app as well. That way you can pay (with your Red Card if I convinced you) and apply your Cartwheel offers you added (which can be combined with the Red Card discount) all at the same time!!

3. Price Matching

Matching Photo

Did you know that Target offers price matching?  Now before you go in full throttle prepared to wheel and deal, I’d recommend checking out their price matching policy. But, I’ll try and give my two cents on it and how it’s saved me money.

It can be a little time consuming to pull up every single item you buy at Target on competitors websites.  I do find it worth it for the bigger ticket things like diapers, detergent, baby gear, and electronics.  I will usually have the app up for whatever store I’d like to compare prices with and scan the item with that. That way I know I’m comparing the exact same item as Target won’t price match unless that UPC matches.  At the store, they have an app on their handhelds that will scan the item as well and pick it up on several of their competitors websites.  They’ll usually rely on this to validate your price match request and…bam!  You were able to shop at Target instead of going to a more hectic competitor or waiting for it to ship to you from an online retailer.  

PLUS… if you use your Red Card, you’re going to get an additional 5% off of that price!!!  Are you excited yet?  It’s ok…I am!  Here’s a few of the items (not all inclusive) that I was able to save on either because the competitor’s price was lower or because it was on sale at the competitor the day I decided to go and buy it at Target:

  • Apple Watch series 3 (Target price $279, competitor price $189)….it was on sale at the competitor that day
  • Potty Training miniature toilet
  • Barbie Dream House and Barbie dolls

See y’all…we, too, can shop at Target!  Yes, even us Cheap Skates 🙂 Have I convinced you?  Is there anything I’m leaving off?  Give me some feedback!  I’d love to hear it! Also, check out more of my Cheap Skate Habits in other posts on Cheap Skates Unite!

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