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We’ve all been there…breastfeeding mothers that is 🙂  We’ve gotta do it, but the timing just couldn’t be more inconvenient…ugghhh!!   Pumping that breastmilk…but can we please make pumping easier?

Why is Pumping Such a Chore??

Oh wait….you’ve got errands to run.  You’re about to get on a flight.  You’ve got company over.  The last thing you need is those gigantic cones and bottles hanging from your chest which inevitably get a horrified look from your husband and a puzzling look from your child or vice versa…ha ha!  With my second child, the thought of this would make me procrastinate on pumping so much that my supply eventually went down and I pretty much gave up at 6 months.  Then a month or two after I gave up breastfeeding, I come across several YouTube videos for this product and I’m literally screaming at my phone “Where were you when I needed you!!”.  These would have made pumping easier!  When we found out we were pregnant with baby #3, I knew what I had to do…

Say Hello to My Little Pumping Friends!

Enter stage left….The Freemie Collection Cups!  These things have been such a God-send.  They fit right inside my nursing, sports, or even non-nursing bra and can be totally inconspicuous.  I even pump while I’m driving without the slightest care of anyone even knowing what I’m doing.  I’ve pumped on planes and in restaurants too!  All with the utmost discretion 🙂  You don’t even have to lift your shirt up (unless you have a turtleneck on, of course) and once they’re on it’s totally hands free!  Weeeeee!!!  When assembled correctly, they collect just as much milk as the ginormous cones and bottles.  They are easy to clean, easy to pack, and easy to love!  There is a pump that you can use with these cups as well but I just use the Medela Pump in Style I’ve used with both my younger little ones.  The cups come with adapters that you can hook up to the tubes that you use with Medela pumps; however I picked up a type on YouTube that allows you to not even have to fool with that.  You can check it out here.

Make Pumping Breastmilk With These Simple….Make It Easy

I’m a researcher at heart, so I did my homework thoroughly before using them.  I thought I knew all the tips and tricks, but I was wrong.  I can’t just drop these in your lap and walk away.  So, I’m going to tell you a few of the tips that I learned from error and I’ll share some videos of some other tips from some other mommies who have used them…

  • Make sure you have them assembled correctly according to the picture in the user’s guide.  – I foolishly had the valve turned in the wrong direction the first several pumps and couldn’t understand why the milk would sputter into the tube 🙁  Read the directions the directions…
  • Make sure your bra that you place them into fits you snug.  – It’s the only way to ensure you get the best pull from the pump to get the most milk out.
  • When pouring the milk into whatever you’re going to store it in, open the cups up and pour the milk through a funnel into your container. – This will save you from crying over spilled milk, literally!  (and we’ve all been there).  I actually use one of the “old-timer” cones you would normally use to pump with.  Works like a charm!

Of all the YouTube reviews of the Freemie cups I found this one to be the most helpful.  Check it out and shout out to GlamFam TV for a really raw and honest review.  It helped me make my decision 🙂

Of course, check out the Freemie website too to learn as much as you can about them to make sure it’s a good option for you.

So Where Can I Get these Babies??

You can’t put a price on convenience….well, I guess you can…ha ha.  This great piece of convenience will cost you around $60.  You can find them locally or order online at Target or Walmart. You can also get them on Amazon, via the link below:

What’s your favorite go-to accessory or tip for pumping?  I’d love to hear anything that will make this journey even a smidge easier 🙂  feel free to comment

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