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How I Chose the Perfect Protein- All Over the Place Mom

I never ever thought I’d be the one to go around drinking protein shakes!  The taste of Ensure is always what popped into my mind when I considered it.  My mouth feels chalky right now just thinking about that…lol.  However I finally became open minded enough to consider that I could potentially make my own protein shake and get that protein into my diet without having to belly up to a plate full of eggs in the morning or an extra serving of meat at dinner.  The trick would be finding a protein that works well for what mattered to me.  After many moons, many tries, and many dollars wasted; I’ve finally found what I needed to pick my protein! I decided to stick with Isopure unflavored and unsweetened whey isolate protein.

Isopure Whey Isolate Protein

So what mattered so much to you, P?

Bloating potential…

As delicious as the run of the mill, big body bottled, whey protein shakes can be; they bloat the crap out of me!  Nothing’s more discouraging than seeing my belly blow up before I can even get out of the door good in the am!  I tried the plant based protein shakes and they just didn’t seem as smooth and enjoyable.  Finally did a little research on bloating with protein shakes and learned that the run of the mill whey could be the culprit.  Also, a lot of the milk based proteins contained lactose and well…you know what lactose does to a lot of us…so, my tummy and I are happy that Isopure is lactose-free 🙂

Gotta taste good…

What do I mean by that?  I hate super sweet and bitter after tastes with a lot of the sugar substitutes out there. I know I’ll have a cavalry of folks coming for me because of what I’m about to say, but I just don’t like Stevia.  There, I said it. It has a bitter note on the end of it that just doesn’t do it for me. Trouble is almost all of the protein powders out there that are sweetened contain guess what?….Stevia.  I’d finally found a shake that was sweetened with sucralose that I enjoyed, but the company that made it stopped making it.  Then, finally one day a light bulb went off….If I’m picky about the sweetener, I need to control what it’s sweetened with.  So, I chose to go with an unflavored unsweetened powder.

Please let it be affordable…

Now you know this little cheap skate is not going to break the bank on this venture.  Although I will say the protein is a bit of a splurge for me.  That’s only because the Big Boy Bottle Whey protein powders are all super duper cheap.  However, if they’re just sitting in my pantry because I won’t use them, then I might as well give that money to my youngest to run around the house with and rip up into pieces…lol.

Easy on the hips as well as the lips…

Now I haven’t done all this weight watching and all this running to let what’s supposed to keep my metabolism going essentially derail me! It was important to me not have high sugar, high fat content, or high carb content in my protein and Isopure checks all those boxes.

So there you have it…my little secret weapon to a high protein add-in without dreading it! Let me know if you decide to try it. I’d love to hear your experience. If you’ve got a favorite protein that checks all your boxes, please share them with me by clicking the button below. I’d love to create a top 5 list from my subscribers! 

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