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I’ve done it before…paid membership to a gym so I can go to their classes. It seemed like it was going to be such a great idea and that I’d really stick with it. Then the reality of having something on the calendar that I’d have to commit to at a certain time became more and more unrealistic the more kiddos I added to the pot.  Plus there’s other time commitments I had too like work and a million other things that would pop up.  That’s why, for me, it’s nice to have the option of having my own private gym classes to go to that are catered to exactly what I like.  Now, now, now…don’t you go thinking I’m meaning spending extra money for my own private gym class for real!  I’m talking about workout videos I can do at home at any time that’s convenient for me.  Here’s a few of my faves…

Private Gym Room #1 – Cize

At Home Workouts- Cize
All Over the Place Mom

I just love these videos!  Coming from a girl who was on and captain of the high school dance team and took dance for several years, this option makes me feel like I’m back in the dance studio.  Gettin’ my 8 counts in and all 🙂 When I give it my all, I can burn a reasonable amount of calories with this one. In the Cize videos, Shaun T takes you step-by-step to teach you a cute little dance routine that is put with (then) popular music.  So, it really doesn’t even feel like exercise!  The only drawback to it is that the shortest video routine is around 35-40 minutes and the longest is around 50 minutes. For a girl who prefers to spend no more than 30 minutes start to finish and really even less than that, I have to reserve this one for when I have a little more free time. It’s also good for when I really don’t feel like exercising but know I need to get a little more activity in than I have been.

Because Cize is a part of the Beachbody family, you can purchase a subscription to Beachbody on Demand and stream this along with a ton of other workout options.  This means you can do these workouts anywhere!  There is also a Beachbody app on the Amazon FireStick and most smart TV’s.

Private Gym Room #2 – Focus T25

Focus T25 at home workouts- All Over the Place Mom

Focus T25 is also a fave of mine because it’s a good intense workout but only takes 25 minutes!  A part of the Beachbody suite of videos, it’s also led by Shaun T.  Now, it is a more intense workout than Cize and you’re actually doing “exercise”.  There’s several different 25 minute workouts contained in each set that either target a specific area of your body or a specific type of exercise like cardio.  However, there is a modifier on each workout which I faithfully follow and try to build up from rather than over do it and end up not completing the workout.  The interesting thing about Focus T25 is that it’s actually a workout that the Hubs has deemed intense enough for him.  There’s an Alpha, Beta, and Gamma level to the series which go up in intensity.  I’m still doing the Alpha videos when I use them.  Hubs is all the way at Gamma….and I’mma let him have that…lol! When I was crafting this post and checking out Beachbody’s website again, I noticed they now have a T20 also…whaaaatt!! That’s only 20 minutes, I might have to check that out and I’m sure the Hubs will want to.

Private Room #3 – Taebo Express

Taebo Express At Home Workouts- All Over the Place Mom

Yep…I pulled out an oldie but goodie here didn’t I?  Taebo videos are so fun.  Especially these…why?  Because they’re only 10 minutes!! Yep, 10 minutes! Billy Blanks is such a funny character to me too. It’s like he’s more of an intense person who’s trying to tone it down for the sake of being in a workout video or at least that’s my impression of him.  When the day has just plain old gotten away from us and I need something quick to feel like I at least did something that day, Taebo Express is a good way to go!  Not to mention even though it’s private gym class in reality, you’re working out with quite the comical looking group on the actual video :-).  I’ve got what’s now consider an “old school” DVD version of this. I did notice that you can purchase the Prime Video format of it which means you should be able to access it on the Amazon Prime Video app from anywhere. You should check it out!

Ultra-Private Gym Room #4 – Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender private gym workout- All Over the Place Mom

Of all the videos I’ve mentioned, Fitness Blender probably holds the highest value…why?  Because it’s free y’all!!  It’s a channel on YouTube that gives you options galore!  You can choose what area you want to target. Choose how long of a workout you want to do.  You can also choose what intensity you want to achieve. It’s just SUCH a great option to have.  It really is like being in a private gym class because there’s typically just 1 person on the video showing you the moves while the other person narrates the audio. Because it’s YouTube, you can take it anywhere!  You can also display it on your smart T.V. Or your Amazon FireStick as well through the YouTube app.  Seriously, I would check this one out today!

Well, there you have it…some fun, cheap, customizable workouts that you can do whenever and wherever. All my unfit fit people out there….I’m talking to you!! I hope this helps you out 🙂

Private Gym Workouts- All Over the Place Mom pin image 1

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