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Loc Shampoo Cocktail- All Over the Place Mom

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Despite the totally false belief that many have, we folks with dreadlocks really do wash our hair 🙂 Now what I wash my hair with? That’s where the difference really lies. When I first decided to loc, I can remember combing through YouTube searching for reviews of products in the quest to make the absolute best decision for my hair. When searching shampoos, the reviews seemed endless. What works for me ended up being my ultimate loc shampoo cocktail! A good shampoo mixup and a good moisture tactic with hair growth oils are the key 🙂

A bit of a misnomer…

I guess it is if you think about the fact that cocktails are mixed together. I’m essentially meaning what’s in my toolkit when I make the decision to go ahead and wash my hair. One follows the other and then the other and so on. Nevertheless, the wash definitely involves all three of the “ingredients”

Know your goals when you’re washing your locs…

For me, that can be summed up in 3 bullets:

  • Remove buildup
  • Refresh scalp
  • Replace moisture

So what gets me that?…

Remove buildup – Clarifying Shampoo

I’ve tried a few clarifying shampoos, and I must say this Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo is my favorite so far. It’s lightweight, clear, and unscented, so it doesn’t leave residue and it really helps whatever shampoos I use after it lather. Which is important considering most other shampoos I’d use would be sulfate-free so they’d need that extra boost.

Refresh Scalp – Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

I really haven’t wavered when it comes to choosing a Tea Tree Oil shampoo. This Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo is my absolute favorite! My loc stylist recommended it when I asked what she was using that was leaving my scalp feeling so tingly and clean. It’s a rich shampoo that is a pale mint color but it still doesn’t leave any residue behind. Without it, my scalp just doesn’t feel clean. I always say the other two shampoos are for my hair, but this one is for my HEAD! The cool thing about tea tree oil too is that it really is good for the scalp to help to promote hair growth.

Replace Moisture – Moisturizing Shampoo

After all that stripping with the clarifying shampoo and then adding a tea tree oil-based shampoo (which some say can be drying), it’s time to put a little moisture back into the mix. So, I usually follow up the first two with a moisturizing shampoo. Shea Moisture’s Intensive Hydration Shampoo has been my go-to as of lately although I’m a sucker for any of the hydration shampoos in the Shea Moisture line of products. Even though my locs are pretty mature now, I think I’m conditioned to opt for a moisturizing shampoo rather than a conditioner (no pun intended)

Well…there you have it. These are the 3 master ingredients of a refreshing loc shampoo cocktail for me on my wash day. Got any others you suggest I try? Leave me a comment below…
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