Juggling Work & Life

Juggling Work & Life

Alright…if you landed here hoping to find all the answers to juggling work & life (especially if you’re a working mom), ehhhhh you might want to exit now. This thing is a moving target, however I do feel like we can commiserate. I can also share little nuggets and hope that they drop in the lap of someone who just happened to be looking for that same nugget on that very day (I’m batting my eyelashes).

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Mommin Ain’t Easy…if this ain’t one of the best shirts I’ve ever had! Unfortunately, it was a maternity shirt so I might as well burn it now that the factory has been shut down for good. It’s true though, right? This mess is hard! I’m hoping you’ll scoop up some little pearls though on this site that can at least get you through to bedtime on any given day. Make sure you’re sharing some pearls too!

Traveling Girl

Now as nice as it would be to boast my travels as a part of my life side of the work-life balance, it’s actually more so work for me. My job as a Medical Science Liaison keeps me in these streets and at times in that sky, but I have managed to keep it at bay given my dynamic of a home with little kiddos and still have a career that hits the spot for me right now too. You’ll find “Traveling Girl” posts that may have some tips for traveling from a frequent traveler (me). You’ll also find some journaling with travel woes and triumphs. You might even see a tasty meal or two with a restaurant to try when you’re wherever I might have been. I hope you’ll share a few little gems with me too!

So, get the balls out! Let us work on juggling work & life together!