Fit for The Unfit

Work It Out

Hey, we can’t all be fitness spokespeople. I can’t even say that’s ever been my aspiration. After years of avoiding altering diet and exercise though, I‘ve finally found a way to do things fit for the unfit.

Work It Out!

Once you pop out these kiddos (and even if you haven’t), time stands still for no one and metabolism does not remain forever high. Most of us aren’t workout junkies, so I’m always on the hunt for palatable workout ideas.

Nutritious Delicious…

If there’s one thing that’s pretty high on my list of loves…it’s food!  However in the quest to not turn into “Porsche, is that you?”, a girl’s gotta be mindful. This section of the site will allow for me to share some indulgences for the bad days, but also some helpful things too for when you’ve decided to “be good”.  No judgement zone 🙂

Within the categories under this page, you can find me sharing a few things that have worked for me including

  • Calorie burning exercising that doesn’t kill me
  • Foods substitutions or modifications that have worked well for me without sacrificing taste

Share some of the things that have worked well for you in either category. I’d love to feature some of them and quote you in my posts!