Dear Diary…

Dear Diary- All Over the Place Mom

Dear Diary is a section dedicated to the passion that drove me to blogging to begin with…journaling. To me there’s nothing more soothing than sitting down and penning all of my thoughts. If nothing else, this section of my blog will give you the real reason for the title of this site 🙂

Penny for your thoughts…

There are so many times when I’m thinking something or reflecting on a mood I’m in and wishing someone could capture this and save it for me to look back on one day. I also say to myself, “dang, this would make a really good movie or mini series”. With the busy mom life thing I have going on I don’t always have the time or the opportunity.

What You’re Getting Yourself into in this Section…

Don’t get scared off…ha ha! I won’t get too up close and personal here but I will attempt some vulnerability. In doing so, it just might help someone else who secretly feels the same way on the inside. So here’s what you’re getting yourself into by delving into this section of my blog.

  • Honest thoughts about blogging
  • Honest thoughts about parenthood
  • Honest thoughts about marriage
  • Honest thoughts about mental health and peace
  • Honest thoughts about adult friendships
  • …and who knows what else.

Share with me what to share with you…

Now, I’ll give you several unsolicited diary posts. However, what do you as my loyal guest want to see as a part of this honest discussion page? Shoot me some topics and I’ll be sure to give you credit when the diary spills my beans 🙂 Then, after that dive into the diary with me!