Dear Diary…Why In the World Am I Doing This Blog??

Reasons to Blog

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Why in the world, better yet, how in the world am I going to do a blog?? Am I cray??  Do I not have enough jobs already?  Do I not have enough kids already?

Baby Steps First…

When I was pregnant with my first child, I blogged a little without even knowing it. I decided to do a baby site after seeing a few friends do that throughout their pregnancy. I decided to keep it up until she was about 18 months old before I stopped. The feed back on the baby site was great! It was really fun and motivating to share precious moments in our journey to parenthood and in the first several months of it.  I didn’t even realize I had created my first blog!

Blog Just for Fun…

Fast forward to a year or so after that, I decided I’d do a blogspot blog (it’s still open if you’re curious to see how far I’ve come)  and make it more so about all things pertaining to me both about the baby but about all other things going on in my life too. It was my way to keep everyone updated on the goings-on of life before I hopped on the social media wagon. However, in true mommy fashion, that thing quickly turned into being all about the kiddos. Then as baby #2 came along and got more rambunctious, it became harder and harder to keep up.

Maybe make it for work?…

Now when Baby #3 reared his existence on that surprise pregnancy test, that’s when I started wondering if I could find something, anything that I could do that I enjoyed and would also maybe bring a little side money into. I read all the pinterest posts on blogging. However it seemed way too overwhelming. Then, one day as I was perusing through FB videos (as I tend to do when I’m being super-duper productive 🙂 ). I came across the startamomblog course and that’s when I decided I was worth at least giving it a shot. I’m still in the tiny newborn phase of blogging with so, so much to learn; however I’ve decided I deserve to give it a shot and maybe try some things from the course that work for me and hold off on things that would keep me from at least being in the pool.

If you’re reading this, you’re in the beginning of the real journey with me. You’ll see my ultimate reason why I like to blog on my About Me Page 🙂 Some of you have been there since the babysite. Regardless of where you’ve jumped in, I hope you’re witnessing something really positive and informing unfolding and it can help us all in some sort of way.

Here we go….!

Dear Diary Reasons to Blog- Pin Image

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