Dear Diary…Why Do I Want to Blog? 2.0

Dear Diary- Why Blog 2.0 All Over the Place Mom

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Soooo..I’m back. I started this baby in 2017 and then fell way off the radar hard and fast (cue audience reaction….awwww). With life changes and lots of reflection, I’ve led myself back here. Why do I want to blog? The interesting thing is that my “why” for this site has tweaked itself a little if you remember my original Why I Blog post. However, I don’t think it’s right to tackle the new and improved why’s without first remembering the “why not’s” when I had stopped. We’re all grown, right?

“So what’s up girl…why didn’t you write for so long?”

  1. Life was insane, that’s why! – I dove head first into this thing with a new baby on board and another little one who was still himself a baby and another not so little one who was going through some growing milestones as well. With the learning curve needed to really master this thing yet all the ambition to try it anyway…a girl was overwhelmed. I decided to be honest with myself and admit that.
  2. Job changes abound- not only was mommy life changing, but work life was changing too. I haven’t made it to Rachel Hollis status or anything where I’ve turned my little hobby into a corporation. A sister still had to work a J.O.B. which had a few changes along the way…hence an additional learning curve of it’s own.
  3. Trying to crawl and walk- nope, not talking about the babies. Talking about myself here. Like I said I was diving in but I think to say head first was an understatement. Instead of just tackling it off in pieces, I got so caught up in accomplishing it all at the same time that I never even really got to do the main thing that brings me pleasure with this…write (another collective sigh is ok here).

New and Improved….Why Do I Want to Blog? (Finally, huh?)

  1. I Love to Write!
    • I’ve always journaled as long as I can remember. I love writing my thoughts and capturing life as I see it that way. Some people take pics. Some people paint. For me, it’s all in the words. Which is odd considering I’m not really much of a pleasure reader. Nevertheless, writing brings me comfort that not much else does.
  2. I Want the Memories…
    • To me, this site will be something I can look back on and remember what life was like when each post was written. I’ve already done it just from the few posts I published in 2017.
  3. A Place Where People Can Relate
    • How tired I am of visiting blogs where people have all this advice that seems like an unsaid profession of having life all figured out and having it all together. Even social media itself is a never-acquired carrot to chase. When you get those few seconds to visit my page, I want you to find something good to grasp on to or relate (or even something bad) without having to be fixed on one niche.
  4. I’ve Still Got the Tools
    • Buying the start a mom blog course has been the gift that keeps on giving, seriously! I hadn’t really touched anything blog-wise since 2017 when I first purchased the course but it’s still mine and it’s continuously improved and updated. Even if your blog isn’t centered around being a mom, it’s the Oh look, evidently I’m a poet too….ha ha 😉
    • I’ve got some new toys too that are essential clutches when it comes to blogging like ConvertKit, Tailwind, and Canva. You’ll want to check those out if you think you might want to ride this blogging train too.

So there you have it folks…there’s my why (and my why-not’s).

Have you ever started something that you had to make the grown-up decision to put on pause? What was your why for hitting the re-start button? A good it’s ok to stop and start again diary entry might be refreshing for all of us 🙂

Dear Diary Reasons to Blog AGAIN- Pin Image

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