My Go-to Casual Summer Outfit for 2019

Casual Summer Style

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If I had to pick, I think summer might be my favorite season to dress for. There’s something about just being able to pull something out of the drawer and throw it on without worrying about the coat and whatever else that’s just….eaaaasssy. That’s what this busy mommy loves…. eaaasssy :-). Now unless I’m headed to a face-to-face meeting for work or hitting the streets with the Hubs for date night (sometimes), I’m a casual summer outfit girl all day! No fuss, usually no makeup, definitely no heels.

Last summer as I was nearing the peak of my weight loss journey, my go-to seemed to be active wear. It was always capri yoga pants or leggings (whichever you prefer) and a sleeveless active wear tank with a sports bra. Something interesting happened though near the end of last summer when I decided to shop for new sizes of clothes. I tried on denim shorts and was able to fit a size I hadn’t been able to wear since before career, husband, kids, … all of that y’all!! So, that became a staple in my go-to summer casual outfit for 2019 – GRAPHIC TEES AND DENIM SHORTS :-). Here’s a few considerations for this super simple choice of mine…

I get my shorts super cheap on sale

Casual Summer Outfit

All of my denim shorts seem to have come from Old Navy and even Walmart. I’ve signed up for text alerts from Old Navy and I’m always on the lookout for that exciting text that shorts are either half off or my ultimate favorite, just $10. That’s usually the time I pounce to collect a few more options in denim washes that I might not already have.

Now where Walmart is concerned, I developed a practice when my youngest was little to sneak away to Walmart on Saturday mornings when everyone was still asleep and browse through the clearance racks in the clothing departments while I sip my coffee kid-free….hehehe. I’ve found some of the cutest denim shorts for anywhere from $5 to $7 later in the summer. That’s where I got the white denim shorts that you see pictured above with my little concert t-shirt I picked up a while ago 🙂

I’m a sucker for small businesses on Instagram

Casual Summer Outfit

So, I guess if that’s you, your advertising has worked…and then some. Some of my most favorite t-shirts are ones that I purchased through an ad I saw while scrolling through Instagram. Because I’m a faithful member of the Cheap Skates Honorary Committee :-), I hold out and wait to buy them on sale. If I see something I like, I’ll save it and make sure I follow the company posting it. Then I’ll stay on the lookout for when I see them on sale. I’ve never paid more than $15 for any one shirt and even $15 is a little pricey for me. The shirt you see above and this one below are from My Pride Apparel and Unapologetic Urban Gear, respectively. They are two of my absolute faves!

Casual Summer Outfit

Don’t sleep on Five Below for your casual summer outfits

For real, y’all. They’ve got some cuties there where graphic tees are concerned and you can’t beat $5. I haven’t mastered how often they get new designs. However, I can say that even with what they have at any one given time…it’s a pretty good variety. The shirt pictured below is one of my most favorites as it describes me to the tee….get it? :-). Now when you go by Five Below now (because I know you’re gonna do it), give me a shout and tell me what your graphic tee says. Five Below and Dollar Tree are just wonderful places, but I’ll get into that on another post. Check the Cheap Skates Unite section of my site to find that.

Casual Summer Outfit

So, what’s been your go-to combination you find yourself running to this year? Lord knows it’s been too hot to do most anything but casual. However I know some of you Fancy Nancies will beg to differ 🙂

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