Built-In Bestie…and the reasons why

Built In Bestie- All Over the Place Mom

I’ve got a few really good friends I’ve known most of my life that I can and have relied on for many, many years. They’ve been with me for many milestones and are a finger’s touch away (thanks to technology) for the crises that come along as well. However, I thought I’d draw attention to a built-in bestie I’ve had for the longest and didn’t realize it until the last decade or so of this 40 year old life… it’s my little sister, y’all!

Let’s chat about 3 reasons why sisters like mine are built-in besties…

Childhood Trenches Together

You’ll probably recognize this face from the Kid Years in my Road to 40 series. Growing up with someone often times forces you into experiencing both your triumphs and your pains…together. We had our rough years with one another, our experimental years with one another, our rebellious years with one another. Of course, we had our moments where we couldn’t stand each other either 😂

We were there completely without choice for it all. The two of us had combined birthday parties for like 5 years with our birthdays being only 6 days apart even though we were 5 years apart from each other in age. We even slept in the same bed together until I was 15 years old. Roots just joined and we didn’t even know it 😂

No back story needed

No back story needed

When I need to talk to someone about something (or someone), she is my ultimate go-to if I want to just dive into the story. She knows pretty much everyone that’s ever been in my life because she’s either been right there when I interacted with them as kids or because she hears about them in our many phone and text chats as adults. It’s so refreshing not to have to set everything up when I need to chat. I just dive right in!

Known intentions

The trust factor I have for her is like no other which is especially important now that Cheryl is gone. I really feel like I can trust her with anything I need to share and it really won’t go anywhere. In recent years, she also has a unique way of challenging me on things I might be stubborn-minded about without it feeling like confrontation. I know everyone doesn’t have a sibling like that, but I am blessed to. This makes life bearable for someone like me who finds themselves constantly needing a sounding board about even the tiniest of thoughts even when they may seem outlandish and outright crazy to some folks.

Sissy Road Trip 2014- All Over the Place Mom

Crazy thing about us is that I never would have imagined having this type of relationship with someone who was 5 years my junior… at least when I was younger. I’d have rolled my eyes at the thought of thinking of her as a built-in bestie. When you get as old as we are, 5 years ain’t nothing anymore though… 😂

We have so much fun together…even if it’s just texting or talking to reminisce or to make fun of something we know we find funny but no one else does. I’ve always been more of the traditionalist and she’s been the daring one. She challenges me to stretch beyond what my limited way of thinking has defaulted to over the years. We make each other laugh. We’ve got each other’s backs.

Do you have a sibling turned built-in bestie you grow closer to as you get older?

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  1. Ms.Bettie

    WOW!!! Well, who’d have thunk it? That’s so wonderful! My two sisters are 11yrs older and younger. I miss the laughs,😂 the cries😪, the talks about stuff we had no business🤐staying up all night ,on visits, and regretting it the next day🤕. My younger sister passed away and my older sister is suffering from dementia but, I’ll forever cherish having those two built-in besties.

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