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All Over the Place Mom

Well, hey there!  I’m Porsche and welcome to my crazy world, hence the name of this blog.  I’m all over the place as a mommy to three beautiful, smart, and crazy kiddos; a pharmacist/MSL; a loveable daughter; a crazy sister and aunt; and all other things in between…whew!  No two days are the same in my land and no two thoughts are the same either as they dance around from one subject to the other in such a limited amount of time.  This mom is all over the place! This site is intended to cater to fellow busy moms and even just hectic life-livers who happen to be hunting for quick, easy, and cheap solutions about what seems to be a kaleidoscope of things. The main themes you’ll find here are work-life balance, fashion and food, fitness, hair, and of course mommyhood!

  • Work-life balance almost seems like pop culture these days, stop here to see how I Juggle Work & Life
  • Being more fit also seems to be a part of pop culture (or at least at my age 🙂 ). Stop here if you’re looking for ways to become Fit for the Unfit
  • Who doesn’t like ways to make a few extra coins…better yet save some extra coins. Show Me the Money shows you ways I’ve tried to do that.
  • As much as it’s nice to be a super fashion diva, that I can truly say I am not. A simple girl like me gravitates towards Simple Style.  Stop here and see what I mean.
  • Last but not least, if you enjoy a good ramble like I do, you’ll appreciate Dear Diary 🙂

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Hang on tight! Gonna be a bumpy ride 🙂