My 3 Fave Quick Things to Do With My Hair…

Quick Hairstyles for Locs

I’m a firm believer that my hair reflects my mood.  It can tell you how excited I am or how tired I am.  Being that I’m not a super fashionista by far, I often rely on a cute quick way to deal with these locs of mine and still appear that I’m not in a “I couldn’t really care less today” kind of mood….even though some days I couldn’t really c….well you know the rest…lol 🙂  Regardless of how you rock your natural hair, there’s a host of things that can be done if you’re seeking a natural hairstyle like what you can find in this guide a friend of mine shared with me. In the starter phase of my locs, here are my 3 fave things to do for this head…

3 Fave Quick Starter Loc Styles- Pin Image

1. Top Knot or High Bun

Who doesn’t love a cute quick bun either in the top or in the back, although in the top is totally more fun to me.  A bun in the back says, “I mean serious business”, “I’m working”, “I’m professional”, “I’m concentrating”.  A top bun says, “Oh hey girl, hey!!”  It looks so cute and carefree to me 🙂  It’s also a testament to how far I’ve come in growing my locs that I can actually put them up in a bun now…been a long time coming.

2.  Head Wrap

Now these are really fun!  This time of year, I can’t say I go to these too often at all though.  It can get uber hot 🙁  However when I first started on my loc journey with my hair over a year ago, these were my go-to when I was in that dreaded “boy-ish” phase of my loc length.  Now let me say, nothing wrong with short locs.  It just wan’t a good look on me.  Anyhoo, I had so much fun trying several styles with the head wraps.  I’ve seen them on many people and just didn’t know where to start.  Thanks to this video by YouTuber Nadira037, I was well on my way!  I was so excited that I was able to do these quick and easy head wrap styles that I wanted to have more and more scarves to achieve these with.  In my opinion, the perfect place to satisfy that craving was Charlotte Russe!  They had scarves on sale for $5 and plenty of them.  It was perfect for the scarf itself as well as my need for instant gratification.

3.    Back Pin-Up

Now this one is really my super frequent go-to.  It’s what I call in when I find myself needing to look a little more “dressed up”.  It’s been a favorite of mine throughout my various lengths of locs and I’m sure I’ll continue to keep it in my bag of tricks because it’s always super quick and turns out pretty cute.  In the pics you can see my progression throughout the lengths and thickness of locs I’ve had.

What’s your favorite go-to hair style?  Are you a quick and easy styler like me? Did you find anything useful in that natural hairstyle site I shared with you?

Give me a few ideas and I’ll do an update with more quick and easy styles!

3 Quick Starter Loc Styles- Pin Image

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